•  ePOSMart - SMART POS platform that works on any device
    ePOSMart - SMART POS platform that works on any device

    You don't need to buy additional hardware. Your iPad, tablet or even your mobile phone is more than enough to do business with our POS system.

  • Installations, Security, Access control ...! Not an issue now
    Installations, Security, Access control ...! Not an issue now

    No installations... Your store is ready within minutes with latest updates whenever available. Also you can check your store status from any where.

  • Free POS system
    Why 100s of Businesses use our POS System ?

    Give our system a try! We offer FREE second month when you try our Monthly plans for the first time!

Why customers trust and use our SMART POS System

No Installation

Our dream is to avoid the traditional POS system. So why bother about installtions when you have a cloud software with a 99.9 up time ?

Inventory Management

Manage inventory with pinpoint accuracy. Even in multiple locations up-to-date information guaranteed.


Each business has its own differences. We are happy to offer you a bespoke solution.

Analyze sales

We offers a wide range of powerful reporting with state of the art features that allow you to track your sales and customer information.


Our cloud based POS Software solution guarantees you'll spend more time focusing on your business. We take care of all your security, backup needs and system updates.


If you are not getting any support, that's not us and we will give you a REFUND. You will never be left stranded with our comprehensive email/phone support.
ePOSmart- android,iphone,ipad online cloud POS

Any Device, Anywhere

Use your laptop, desktop, iPad, iPhone, or Android device to process sales and view reports. You can use your daytoday printer (if you dont have POS printer) to print recipts.

Price Rules

Manage promotions with unlimited possibilities. Buy One Get X Free, Buy X get Y discount and many other types of discounts can have easy control on product pricing.

ePOSmart- Handle promotions with online cloud POS
ePOSmart-online cloud POS works with virtumart,prestashop,woocommerce

Free eCommerce Integration / Website

Integrate your e-commerce website with ePOSMart for FREE. Or we are happy to build new ecommerce site for you.

  1. POS Interface

    Our interfaces has been carefully crafted for speed and user friendliness.

  2. Reporting

    We have a set of reports that covers all areas of POS!

  3. Graphical Reporting

    Visual person? No issue.. You can show pie charts, line graphs, and bar charts for many of our reports.

  4. Employee sales tracking

    Find out who is doing more business in your store. Simple yet powerful feature which helps you to measure employee performances

  5. Inventory Reconciliation/Counting

    Now you have an option which you can physically count your inventory and update your inventory based on your physical count.

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